Interest in cryptocurrency is at an all time high, as frequent news reports have followed Bitcoin’s impressive gains in 2020, with the cryptocurrency hitting all-time highs. Despite that, most people don’t know how to invest in crypto, or even what it is, creating massive missed opportunities for retirement income and investment diversification.

A simple Google search for “Crypto Investing 101” returns a wide range of education options, from articles in major media outlets and guides on cryptocurrency websites, in addition to many so-called “experts” waxing prophetic on YouTube channels. Merely wading through these choices is not only time consuming, but also reveals major flaws in content that are often incomplete, written at a complex level, and delivered from questionable sources.

Perhaps these are the reasons why 62% of US adults own stock, but a 2020 survey revealed that only 15% own cryptocurrency, despite financial advisors insisting that crypto should be part of every properly diversified investment portfolio. And therein lies not only a huge opportunity for the cryptocurrency sector itself, but also for an organization that could make crypto investing understandable and actionable for the general public.

Enter Dchained, the first online platform designed to make crypto simple by providing education, investing tools, and everything an individual needs to learn, grow and earn in crypto. Whether a total newbie or an experienced investor, Dchained guides individuals through every step of the journey, from learning the basics to active trading.

Edmund McCormack (Founder & CEO, Dchained)

Edmund McCormack is a tech and crypto-investing veteran and Founder/CEO of Dchained. Over the last 15 years, Edmund has been central in the launch of and adoption of technology and services that are integral in our everyday life, from social networks to the App Store. He has now shifted his attention on what he (and many others) believe to be even more revolutionary and transformative than the PC and internet in the 1990s: cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Through the intersection of cutting-edge technology and an enthusiastic community of investors and experts, Edmund has built the first educational platform (Dchained) focused on helping everyday individuals learn about and get started in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

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