What are Crypto Zombies?

With cryptocurrency gaining in popularity in recent years, there has been a need for new terms to describe the complex operations of the crypto market. As a result, we’ve seen new terms like “crypto trader”, “crypto mining”, and “crypto zombies” making their way into the everyday crypto conversation.

I know what you might be thinking, when you hear the word “zombie” you think of those brain-eating monsters on the silver screen. That’s not the case with our friend the Crypto Zombie though. These individuals have a fascinating ability to dedicate their time to the world of crypto; instead of lumbering around in the search for brains, the Crypto Zombie is on the hunt for the next big crypto opportunity.  


Who are Crypto Zombies?

The term “Crypto Zombie” refers to those who are solely dedicated to monitoring how the market moves. They are constantly checking the prices of cryptocurrencies and are always quick to take advantage of any opportunity they can spot.

In recent years, the crypto world has seen an influx of investors and spectators. With the total market value of cryptocurrency at $267 billion, it is hard not to be aware of its presence and maybe have a couple of investments of your own.

In a market so big and with such a great avenue to make profits, it’s no surprise certain individuals sacrifice their sleep and practically all other activities to ensure they make a profit in their investments.

Crypto Zombies
Source: New York Magazine

In such a competitive market, no investor wants to be asleep when a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ripple starts soaring in value. In such situations, a Crypto Zombie is the one person you want to have in your corner.

The Crypto Zombie and You

Don’t worry, you won’t have to devote your entire day to analyzing the markets to be knowledgeable in the crypto world. At Dchained, we don’t want you to have to risk becoming a Crypto Zombie in order to make informed decisions with your investments. That is why Dchained has you covered with our very own team of dedicated Crypto Zombies. Our team of Crypto Zombies are on deck to provide you with innovative levels of Speed, Reliability,  and Experience, so you can make educated and informed investments in the crypto world.

Crypto Zombie - Late Night


In the crypto market, speed is everything. With so many users actively searching for opportunities, it is wise to have a strategy that keeps you in the know on every investment. One sure strategy is to have a Crypto Zombie in your pocket. These individuals will provide you with accurate real-time information and industry knowledge to help you catch each trend.


Crypto Zombies treat crypto like a lifestyle. These individuals spend hours performing research, allowing them to perform actionable analysis on changes in the market. This kind of reliability and knowledge allows them to determine the most optimal and profitable trades.


After spending so much time watching and studying cryptocurrencies, these individuals become the best in the biz — experience is first and foremost when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies. Fortunately enough, these individuals have loads of experience. They can predict price spikes and genuine opportunities and relay this information to you, so you can make the best moves possible.

In Summary

Crypto zombies are an interesting group of crypto enthusiasts. The kind of sacrifice and dedication these people have to crypto trading is amazing. While they do come across as extreme, they can be of great help to crypto trading. Reach out to Dchained and get crypto trading assistance from a whole team of crypto zombies.