On Demand Courses For Every Stage Of Your Crypto Investing.

Whether you’re new to crypto and want the confidence to trade like a pro, or you’re ready to maximize your returns while minimizing risk—you’ve come to the right place.

What We Offer

There’s tons of conflicting information amongst breaking news headlines looking to grab your attention, Twitter feeds, and unqualified sources — leading to manipulation or confusion at best and high-risk trading at worst.

That’s why we’re here.

Our courses are handcrafted by a real expert, who happens to live in the trenches with investors every day and has been featured on Forbes, Success Magazine, PBS & Fox. Whether you need to learn the essentials of crypto or you’d love to diversify your portfolio, you’re in good hands.

Step-By-Step Courses To Maximize Crypto At Every Stage.

With HD video and workbooks —you’ll know exactly what to do whether you’re new to trading, want to maximize your returns, or step into the revolutionary world of Defi.

Explore Your Current Course Options

Master The Basics — Bitcoin Made Simple.

Learn the ins and outs of Bitcoin in this course that takes you from the essentials of crypto to actively trading —you’ll discover:

  • What Bitcoin is and why banks are invested
  • The ins and outs of getting started
  • How to trade Bitcoin starting today
  • Knowing how to read market trends
  • How to store, trade and sell crypto securely
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Take Your Profits to Another Level — DeFi Made Simple.

Countless investors are taking control back of their hard-earned money by eliminating fees from 3rd parties like banks. Stay ahead of the curve in this step-by-step course where you’ll discover:

  • What DeFi is about and how it impacts you
  • How to use DeFi for your portfolio
  • How to maximize your investment returns
  • Protecting yourself from downsides
  • How to start earning from DeFi
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Education Shortens The Gap Between Learning And Profitability — Here’s How:

With Dchained Education:

  • Build your portfolio
  • Shorten the learning curve
  • Built your financial roadmap
  • Get access to trusted expertise
  • Minimize downside and risk
  • Spot trends and analysis

Without Dchained Education

  • Miss out on financial returns
  • Listen to questionable sources
  • Expose yourself to high risk
  • Get in and out at the wrong time
  • Let emotional decisions take over

Meet Your Instructor

—Edmund McCormack.

Edmund McCormack is the CEO of Dchained and has been featured in Forbes, Success Magazine, PBS & Fox.

With a background in both tech and finance and a decade’s worth of experience in the field of crypto, McCormack is dedicated to educating investors who have an interest in the world of crypto.


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"I was able to get all the info I needed to get started investing in cryptocurrencies, and Dchained cut through all the noise, made it really simple, it's black and white. At the same time they're giving you the tools you need to be successful with your investments.”

Robert T.
New York, NY

“I realized I needed to keep up with the market and all the businesses that are adopting cryptocurrencies. I tried Dchained and it's been amazing, I mean really great stuff! They helped me get in the game in no time, I highly recommend it."

Mike K.
Philadelphia, PA