Crypto Around The World: May 14 Review

A strong week for Ether, and a rough week for US inflation rates that have soared to their fastest pace in over a decade. Here are some noteworthy stories from around the world. 

Canadian Bitcoin Miner Approved for Nasdaq Listing

A Canadian bitcoin miner by the name of Bitfarms has been approved for listing their common stock on the Nasdaq. This listing perfectly sums up the consistently increasing legitimacy of the bitcoin mining industry. 

Largest Swiss Bank UBS Considering Crypto Offerings

Switzerland’s largest bank, UBS, is currently exploring offering crypto services to wealthy clients. They join a quickly growing list of banks and investment firms that are looking to expand their services to introduce crypto. 

Moreover, banks around the European country have been readying themselves to jump on the blockchain train by launching tokenization services. Digital asset providers are working with banks to allow them to issue and invest in tokenized assets. 

Africa’s First NFTs Hit The Scene

A piece of NFT artwork by Kenyan artist Rich Allela is Africa’s first. Allela’s work focuses on African heritage, with a focus on cultures that are at risk of disappearing. This would open up a world of potential for African artists, revolutionizing the markets in which their art is shared. 

“DOGE Killer” Gaining Popularity in Chinese Markets

A new coin being dubbed the “DOGE killer” is trending in Chinese crypto circles. Named the SHIB coin in reference to the coopted imagery of the Shiba Inu breed, this coin’s price has doubled in under 3 days upon its listing on Binance and is eating up chunks of the Dogecoin’s market. This marks the second instance of a “joke coin” garnering significant interest in the crypto market after Dogecoin. 

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