Ethereum: The Top 5 Uses in the Real World

With many ground breaking features like the revolutionary smart contracts, Ethereum took the blockchain world by storm and grew to be one of the most powerful, influential, and widely used blockchains out there. With more than 3000 decentralized applications (dApps) built right on it, Ethereum houses some very important protocols ranging from ones used by traditional banks to a tonne of cryptocurrency projects including its very own cryptocurrency — Ether. The second largest cryptocurrency in the world, Ether is becoming increasingly popular in even the most mainstream of outlets and mediums. When we are considering just how Ethereum can be used in the real world, the options are truly endless with things like gaming, advertising, supply chain management, and even advertising being possibilities. Ethereum’s continuous updates and high profile security features have made it attractive to even the most traditional of companies. Read on to learn more about the amazing world of Ethereum, and how it may very well impact your day to day life much sooner than you think.