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    Shorten The Gap

    You could try learning this yourself from unqualified sources. Instead, use our near decade of experience to shorten the gap from “thinking” about Bitcoin to actively trading.

    Real time picks

    Timing matters. Imagine having access to real time picks by a proven expert the media relies on for all things crypto. Get in or out at the right time based on your portfolio and goals.

    On demand clarity

    Direct access to Edmund to tackle your investing questions, review recent trades and position yourself ahead of the masses to start earning today.

    Get The Insider Access You Need.

    Timing is everything and most people trade at the wrong time — either buying late, selling early…or both. They rely on media, unqualified YouTube sources or other people’s advice with minimal track record who don’t know their investment goals or risk tolerance.

    I created coaching to answer three key questions:

    • ——  What should I do?
    • ——  What do I need to know this week?
    • ——  When should I buy or sell?

    Here’s Exactly What You Get Inside Of Coaching When You Enroll Today.

    Kickoff Session

    You’ll get a personalized kickoff session to determine your investment strategy, risk tolerance and goals.

    Weekly Coaching Calls

    We’ll hop on a weekly coaching call designed to help you look back on the prior week’s results and what to do going forward with plenty of time for Q+A.

    The Inner Circle

    An invite-only private investor WhatsApp group where you’ll receive daily market analysis & real-time crypto picks directly from Edmund.

    Trust and Accountability

    Unlike social media or Google, you’ll know exactly who is providing your insights and their track record.

    Real Investors. Real Coaching. Real Results.

    Meet Your Instructor

    —Edmund McCormack.

    Edmund McCormack is the CEO of Dchained and has been featured in Forbes, Success Magazine, PBS & Fox.

    With a background in both tech and finance and a decade’s worth of experience in the field of crypto, McCormack is dedicated to educating investors who have an interest in the world of crypto.

    Learn How You Can Started Today

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