Will BTC Sell-off Impact ERC Tokens and Will XRP Go Up in 2020?

It has been a fantastic week for Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts as the world’s largest cryptocurrency rallied all the way to hit its new all-time high above $23,500. However, BTC’s price has started to consolidate and many investors are looking at growth opportunities. Will ERC tokens be the beneficiary, or will XRP go up in 2020?

On Friday, December 18, Bitcoin (BTC) has been mostly trading sideways and facing a few rejections above $23,000 levels. Although at the press time, Bitcoin is trading at $23,152, some of the traders suggest that there’s a high selling pressure above $23K and Bitcoin (BTC) has formed a local top that could consolidate for sometime while not expecting any further price discovery until 2021.

Bitcoin RSI (Relative Strength Index) Hints It’s Overbought

While the excitement has driven investment in Bitcoin, there is an important indicator to monitor to understand if a correction is around the corner: relative strength index (RSI). Any score on the index above 70 can hint that a digital asset is overbought and the reversal price trend can occur. The RSI of Bitcoin is well above this benchmark.

Speaking at CNBC’s Trading Nation, Miller Tabak chief market strategist Matt Maley said:

Its above 88 [as of Thursday]. Thats not quite up to the 90 level that it reached twice in 2017, but those were followed by declines of 36% and 64%. Theres no question its been a melt-up, and it could last a little bit longer. I think on a short-term basis it could continue a little bit longer, and Im very bullish on it on a very long-term basis. But intermediate term, Im a lot more concerned than I think a lot of other people.”

rsi of bitcoin, bitcoin rsi
Source: CNBC

Complementing the increase of RSI of Bitcoin, investors can look at the number of pending transactions – known as “mempools” – on the Bitcoin blockchain that have yet to be confirmed. As the number of unconfirmed transactions increases, the transactions costs on Bitcoin’s blockchain increases and decreases profitability of Bitcoin.

mempool transaction count
Source: Blockchain.com

Act II: Time to Shine for Ethereum and ERC Tokens (LINK, ZIL, CVC, PAY)

As shown in past Bitcoin bull runs, investors will often seek higher return opportunities with Ethereum and its ERC tokens once BTC prices begin to stagnate.

As framed by Peter Wall, CEO of London-based crypto mining firm Argo Blockchain, “What you generally see in the space is bitcoin goes on a run and then a period of time later — might be a few weeks, might be a month — the altcoins then go on a run.” 

erc to btc, pay token crypto, link btc, zil btc, cvc bitcoin
Source: CoinMetrics

With an inverse Bitcoin price relationship, there are several ERC tokens that have had triple digit growth in 2020 that are gaining significant investor and developer interest heading into 2021: Zilliqa (ZIL), Chainlink (LINK), Civic (CVC), and TenX (PAY). Many investors are looking towards these four projects, which are small to mid cap cryptocurrencies, as major growth opportunities in their portfolio given the disruptive nature of their technology and potential commercial applications.

The foundational blockchain for these ERC tokens is Ethereum, whose native currency ETH has seen much of its supply starting to dry up on the crypto exchanges during the latest Bitcoin bull run.

ethereum limited supply

Will XRP Go Up in 2020?

During Thursday’s market rally, XRP has come out of the woods of correction with investors asking, “Will XRP Go Up in 2020?”

In short, the market is showing that XRP could become the darling of the crypto world very soon. Based on XRP’s daily chart, investors can look towards the MACD (moving average convergence/divergence) indicator to understand potential movement in XRP’s price. MACD helps investors understand whether a digital asset is overbought or oversold.

will xrp go up in 2020

Complementing MACD’s data that XRP is oversold, XRP has created strong support above $.45 with the next resistance at $.58. From this price point, there seems to be little keeping from XRP from $1 and then subsequently $1.20 in early 2021. It’s worth monitoring how XRP’s price actions in the coming weeks in relation to any Bitcoin sell-off which could shift demand towards Ripple.

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