7 January 2021

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The crypto market finished with an insanely strong run towards the end of the 2020, and with the market heating up that means people are searching for crypto investing courses. After all, everyone wants to make money right?

In this article we’ll dive into some of the best courses you can find on the internet. The majority are catered to beginners and people that are new to crypto. With that being said, even someone who knows a lot about crypto can find value in these courses.


Dchained is a site that acts as a resource for beginners that want to learn crypto. You can find information on bitcoin, product reviews and trading strategies on the site. There’s an extensive library of information that should make any crypto newbie happy. It’s been featured on publications like Yahoo, NBC and Business Insider and quite credible.

The website itself is split into different parts, including informative blog posts on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain in general, and crypto taxes. They also have a section dedicated to breaking news and top stories, so you can receive market happenings in real-time. As you can see, there’s a lot of information to sift through, so if you want a clear and well defined way to learn about crypto and blockchain, you can also take their course. Check out the course at Ultimate Beginner’s Crypto Course.

Udemy: Cryptocurrency Fundamentals: Buy, Sell, Trade Cryptocurrency

Udemy is a website with a collection of courses on every topic imaginable, and sure enough there are many crypto and blockchain courses. Cryptocurrency Fundamentals is a course that has 1000+ reviews, and is also very cheap. This course is only for beginners, and covers very basic information on blockchain and crypto markets.

You don’t need prior knowledge to take this course, and it includes 1.5 hours of video content, 1 article and more downloadable content. The course is a steal at its current price and would be perfect for anybody interested in crypto trading.

Find the course here.

Crypto Lark: Cryptocurrency Explained Beginner Course

Lark Davis is a crypto influencer who also has a beginner course that gives its students a high level overview on several cryptocurrencies. There’s a section explaining the uses of Bitcoin, Ethereum. Towards the end there’a also a section on how to use CoinGecko, which is a popular tool for tracking tokens and blockchain projects.

For reference, Lark David is New Zealand’s biggest crypto influencer on youtube. The course teaches you how to set up a wallet and keep your token secure for both hardware and software wallets. In addition, you also learn about coin mining and staking, two extremely important concepts in 2020.

Find the course here.

Shaw Academy: Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Beginner Trading Course

Shaw Academy also offers another great beginner course. Currently, the first four weeks are completely free. This is a special that they don’t normally have, as it usually costs around $70 to access the content.

This course gives you a rundown of Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies on the market. They also dedicate one section to mining, and then go into trading. Furthermore, they break down the difference between margin and leverage, and a bunch of other terms that you’ll need to know if you want to make money. Finally, the course wraps up with a section focused on risk management. After all the most important part of crypto investing courses is to teach you how to preserve your hard earned assets!

Find the course here.

Conclusion: Best Crypto Investing Course

The overall best crypto investing course would have to be Dchained course for investing. The reason is simple: it’s the most comprehensive course and will ensure you don’t have knowledge gaps after completing it. The other courses could be too basic, and leave you wanting to know more after taking your hard-earned money. With Dchained, there’s an entire library of posts, articles and information that will help you even if you have questions.

Dchained is the most comprehensive resource out of every course on the list, so our verdict for the best crypto investing course is the Ultimate Beginner’s Crypto Course.

Ready to learn about Crypto?

We hope you found this article on crypto investing courses news helpful. Here at Dchained, we strive to educate and make people feel comfortable with cryptocurrency investment. This is only a small bit of all the information we have to offer. If you’re looking to get started with cryptocurrency investing, be sure to check out our Ultimate Beginner’s Crypto Course.

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