18 July 2020

Since the beginning of crypto, there has been an undercurrent of jockeying among the leading digital currencies. Which one is safer? Which one is the easiest to use? Which one can I use to buy different things? Not only that, but recently a new challenge has arisen in the cryptocurrency industry; which one can I use to upgrade software?

Joseph Lubin answered all these questions with a new platform, ConsenSys. 

What is ConsenSys?

ConsenSys is a global leader in the blockchain space. It is a startup incubator decentralized in nature. Furthermore, it employs some of the brightest minds in the industry. 

ConsenSys specializes mainly in Decentralized Apps or dApps. It provides consulting in Ethereum for corporations and governmental clients as well. It also helps many blockchain startup initiatives.

The platform operates with smart contracts as well as encryption. This allows all users to browse safely. Their applications provide transparency and immutability that are unique to blockchain-based solutions.

They always keep in mind the safety of their clients.

Joseph Lubin: The Man Behind ConsenSys

Lubin first started this project as a venture. He wanted to build developer tools and decentralized applications on the Ethereum platform. In the process, he managed to expand the whole cryptocurrency world. 

ConsenSys Lab 

As we mentioned earlier, the platform mainly works on the development of dApps. For that reason, the creators had to develop some side branches in the platform. To provide tools and capital for entrepreneurs, they created ConsenSys Lab. 

ConsenSys Academy

They also created ConsenSys Academy. This is an online end-to-end developer course. There, you can learn more about the whole Ethereum world and cryptocurrency. Additionally, it provides tools & resources needed to advance as a developer for Decentralized Applications. For those who are interested in development but lack the technical skills, they also offer a certification program in Ethereum. 

ConsenSys Tools

ConsenSys Solutions works with businesses all around the world. Its job is to help them build, test, and launch blockchain-based solutions. 

Designed to protect the Ethereum ecosystem, there is ConsenSys Diligence. They do this through security, legal, and technical guidance. 

Finally, ConsenSys organizes a global conference series, Ethereal Summit. Here they reunite groups of technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, startups, and artists. This way, they engage with the latest developments in Ethereum, blockchain, and decentralization. 

ConsenSys Partnerships 

Besides all its amazing features, ConsenSys has also partnered with some pretty influential companies. We are talking about companies of the highest caliber, such as Microsoft and Amazon. 

Back in 2016, Microsoft decided to partner with ConsenSys in the development of dApps. This was done for its new programming platform, Microsoft Visual Studio. They created an extension together to allow for the use of Smart Contracts on their platform. 

Kaleido, ConsenSys blockchain and Amazon Web Services launched a whole new platform. This was done to help companies utilize blockchain solutions. Their services include the creation of links between private networks and the public Ethereum Mainnet. They have even added support to many protocol options and consensus mechanisms. 


Nowadays, ConsenSys works with more than 500 companies all around the world. Its services vary from energy, banking, insurance, education, healthcare, and many more. Some notable companies that work with ConsenSys include the Monetary Authority of Singapore, The EU Blockchain Observatory, and Switzerland’s Zug ID.

ConsenSys’ primary vision is to create a platform for every single person. Through their education efforts, including blockchain technology and Ethereum, they are spawning waves of new developers while promoting the overall adoption of cryptocurrencies by the general public.

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